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5 Great Reasons to Teach Little Kids to Swim

5 Great Reasons to Teach Little Kids to Swim

Swimming is one of those activities that you could literally enjoy from infancy all the way through your elderly years!
And the younger you learn how to swim, the better – for a few reasons.
Here are five great reasons to give your kids a head start and teach them how to swim while they’re still little.

  1. Safety first!

The most important reason to teach your young ones to swim is, of course, safety.
Knowing how to swim could save your child’s life if they were to accidentally fall into a body of water.
A strong swimmer is less likely to panic in the water and their brain and body are more likely to go on auto-pilot to help them swim to safety.
It’s also critical to build your child’s familiarity with water safety rules from an early age to prevent accidents from happening in the first place! Of course, even a child who knows how to swim should never be left unattended in the water.

  1. Swimming builds lifelong confidence (in and out of the water)

Any activity that gives kids a sense of confidence and accomplishment does great things for their self-esteem and overall well-being – and those feelings really do carry over into all other aspects of their lives! Of course, feeling confident in the water naturally reduces swimming-related fears.
For a child who is naturally more anxious about swimming, the experience of learning to conquer their fear can be a particularly powerful one – potentially one they will carry for their whole life!
If your child is nervous in the water, using arm floaties to reduce the probability and sensation of sinking can help so much.

  1. Swimming is amazing full-body exercise

Swimming is an excellent way for kids to get dynamic, low-impact exercise that builds stamina, coordination, flexibility, and works nearly every muscle in the body – even the lungs!
You’ll probably also notice that kids who got to spend some day time swimming tend to sleep very well that night!

  1. Swimming can elevate emotional well being

Not only is learning to swim good for kids’ confidence and physical health, but it’s good for their mental and emotional well-being as well.
Of course, any type of full-body exercise is known to improve mental health, overall emotional stability, and well-being.
Most people naturally find spending time in water to be incredibly comforting and relaxing.
Even little babies often love lounging in the pool, in a caregiver’s arms or in their own little inflatable baby raft.

  1. Swimming is fun!

Most young children naturally love playing in the water because it’s just plain fun!
The social benefits of being part of a swimming lesson group or even just playing in the pool with friends and family can provide a sense of shared purpose, camaraderie, friendship, and cherished life-long memories.
And you never know, your little minnow could love swimming so much that they grow up to be on their high school swim team, take an interest in SCUBA diving, or simply find the water to forever be a comforting place of refuge.

Most young children naturally love being in the water, and the physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits it brings are truly impressive.
We highly recommend teaching your kids to swim as early on in their lives as you can.
Not only will they be safer and stronger in the water, but they’ll be able to enjoy that many more years of swimming fun!

written by :
Dani Merriot , blogger for babyfloaties.com

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