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Best 6 Baby Sunhat in 2020—Reviews and Buying Guide

Best 6 Baby Sunhat in 2020—Reviews and Buying Guide



All of us want to keep our loved ones away from harm.
Parents with a newborn child, or children at an early age, are overcautious about its safety, and rightly so.

One particular harm that could have serious consequences for a child is the sunburn from direct sunlight.
Once affected at an early age, your child skill damage chances multiply as it grows.
Therefore, it is advised to always wrap a sunhat around your baby’s head when you are outdoors.


Not only do sunhats offer excellent protection against sunburn, but they also look cool when matched with the baby’s outfit. ‘

In this article, we have enlisted for you the best baby sun hats to buy online.
Their prices vary but none of them will cost you a fortune.
A buying guide is also added to help you identify the key features to look for in a sunhat.
It will help you make a preference.



Well, buying a sun hat for babies is not as hard a decision as buying a car.
By skipping this guide, you can easily find the next best hat for your little ones.
However, this two-minute read will help you make an informed decision, that we assure you.


Baby Sun Hats are usually made of two materials:
Polyester and cotton.
Cotton being soft is highly desirable and also expensive.
Polyester, on the other hand, is durable and is stain resistant.


UV Protection:

UV protection is the very reason you buy a hat for your little ones.
Fortunately, there is a system in place to measure the protection provided by a fabric.
The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating system.
It measures how much UV radiation is blocked by the fabric to protect the skin underneath.

For apparel, UPF ratings range from 15 to 50 and a higher rating is an indication of higher protection.



You will find two types of straps on sun hats for kids.
One, chin strap, comes with almost all kinds of hats and has a toggle to tightly fit it around the chin.

The other, head strap, is there to provide an extra layer of protection against wind.
Also, It is helpful to keep the hat secure on the baby’s head when it gets successful to loosen the chin tie.



Make sure that the hat covers not only the head and face but also the back and neck of the baby from the hot sun.
Hats have Back flaps for this purpose.



Though baby hats are extremely lightweight and can fit inside your backpack, the foldability feature can give you an edge.
To give you a hint, foldable hats can fit inside your pocket.



Well, children cannot choose the color for themselves, but that doesn’t change the fact that a few suit them more than the rest.
You will have to make this decision for them. Find a trendy, colorful hat that can harmonize with their attire.



MONIOW Baby Sun Hat Wide Brim Outdoor Beach Hat with UPF 50+

Top three features

  • Available in different colors and for different head sizes.

  • Made of Cotton.

  • UPF 50+

  • 60 days money-back guarantee.

This Sunhat by MONIOW is as stylish as it gets.
Made out of cotton and papyrus, it is comfortable to wear and is breathable.
Your child is going to love it. With UPF more than 50, it can effectively block harmful rays.


As it is available in a range of different sizes and colors, you have a lot of options to choose from.
It has sizes available for infants to as old as 6 years.
You won’t find it on many hats.

It has a wide brim that remains stiff even when wet and doesn’t flop in the face of the child.
Also, the brim is wide enough to provide adequate shade.

One particular disadvantage is the absence of a chin strap.
This hat will fall off quite easily and therefore will get dirty.
It would need washing now and then, and given it is made of cotton, you will have to hand wash it.
Choose wisely as you surely are going to get frustrated as you repeatedly wash it.

Lastly, it comes with a money-back guarantee for 60 days of usage, so you can buy it without any fear of losing money.


i play. by green sprouts Baby Girls’ Sun Hat

Top Features:

  1. Made of 100% Polyester

  2. Extra neck and ear coverage

  3. UPF 50+ for completely blocking out UV

  4. Wicking liner inside for soaking sweat in hot weather

  5. Pull-On closure for a snug fit

There can be no doubt that it is the best seller product on our list for it has all the features one can wish for in a baby sun hat.

To begin with, it is highly inexpensive so much so that you won’t find any other hat in such a cut-rate budget.
It is made out of 100% polyester which, though cheap, is durable and easy to wash.
Furthermore, the UPF 50+ assures a complete blocking out UV.

The hat wraps around the head with a back flap to cover the neck and even ears.
There is a wicking liner inside to effectively soak sweat and thus ensure comfort.

You can snuggly fit it on the head of your loved ones by using pull on closure.
The closure keeps the hat anchored to your child’s head in windy conditions.

The hat comes in different colors so despite being named for girls, you can perfectly find a suitable hat for your boy.
The head size is limited to 16-18 months old infants, unlike the Moniow hat that has the size for even 6 years old.


I play. By Green Sprouts Children’s Brimmed Hat

Top Features:

  1. Made of 100% polyester

  2. Adjustable toggle to grow with a baby , Stay-put tie strap

  3. Lightweight, quick-dry material to keep baby comfortable

  4. UPF 50+ sun protection

  5. Head and neck coverage

This is yet another great product by the company but not as great as the one we reviewed first.
It has many features in common:
UPF 50+ for blocking 97% of UV rays, polyester design for durability and ease of washing, and quick-dry lining to wick out the sweat and water.

The most striking feature about this hat, the one that distinguishes it from Baby Girl sunhat, is the tie strap that keeps it in place and an adjustable toggle to create a custom fit.
Toggle is very helpful as your child’s head size will not remain the same as it steadily grows over the first few months after birth.

One particular disadvantage of this hat is its floppy brim, which might make your little ones get irritated.
However, it is wide enough to cover the head, neck, and ears for complete protection against direct sunlight.


Durio Baby Sun Hat Summer Beach UPF

  • Made of Breathable 100% cotton.

  • 50+ UPF rated fabric and wide brim for great sun protection

  • Perfect fit with an adjustable head strap with easy toggle.

  • 10 different prints to choose from.

It surely is a premium hat and its 100% cotton design does attest to it.
Surprisingly, It comes in all the sizes:
for babies, toddlers, and adolescents. Also, it offers a huge variety of, about 10 colors, to choose from.

This hat comes with two straps for a snug-fitting.
The head strap is useful when your child gets irritated by the chin strap and wants it to be removed.
The chin strap, on the other hand, has a toggle adjustment mechanism for a customized fit.
You can remove the chin strap with a breakaway clip to minimize choking hazards.

It has a wide brim that is not stiff enough to prevent flopping.
Also, the soft lining inside ensures comfort with effectively licking away moisture.
The fabric is breathable for added comfortability.

Being made of cotton, it can not be washed in a machine.
Rather, you would have to hand wash in cold water.
While washing, make sure there is no bleach as otherwise, you will ruin the fabric.


SwimZip, Unisex Kids Hat, Wide Brim

Top Features:

  • UPF 50 + Sun protection fabric that Blocks 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

  • Made of polyester material

  • Adjustable chin and head strap.

  • Short chin strap to help prevent choking

  • Floating, Well ventilated

As might guess from its price, more than $20, it is a premium sun hat.
The size variety ranges from newly born babies to 8 years old;
whereas, the color variety is also there so you can choose one of your likings.
It comes in solid colors.

Cotton would have been a more comfortable material, but the company went for polyester to make it durable and stain-resistant.
The inner lining is soft enough to make it comfortable apparel.
Its breathable design allows it to wick water almost instantly.
So much so that you don’t have to worry if it ends up in the water on your next beach trip.
It can even float.

There is a head strap as a back up if your child ends up hating the chip strap which does an effective job of keeping the hat firmly on the head.
Furthermore, the chin strap has a toggle to adjust the hat size as your child grows in size.
The clip on one side can be used to instantly remove the chip strap in case of an emergency: choking.

Lastly, it has a wide and stiff brim to completely cover the head and block out the direct sunlight.
It covers the head and ears only.


Sunday Afternoons Children’s Play Hat

Top Features:

  • Made of 100% Nylon with Mesh 100% Polyester

  • full neck veil to protect the back of the neck

  • Easy Adjust toggle

  • UPF 50+ certified solar rating

Sunday Afternoons Baby sunhat is a different breed from the products we discussed above.
It is made out of 100% nylon to provide comfort, and with a strategic ventilation mesh of polyester to increase the breathability of the hat.
It comes in more than 20 different colors and prints and is suitable for newly born infants and babies as old as 2 years old.

It has a flap on the rear to completely cover the back of the child, and a wide brim to protect the head and ears from harmful sunlight.
The flap, and overall design, is lightweight so your child won’t feel the discomfort of carrying the weight of the world.


The 50% UPF rating is a sign of the complete blockage of UV rays.
It can’t get better than this.

Lastly, there are two easily adjustable straps to comfortably fit the size of the hat on a child’s head.
The breakaway chin straps are easy to adjust and also can be easily removed, or attached, with the help of a chip.



  1. How To Choose The Best Sun Hat?

There is a detailed buying guide in this article that might be a great help.
However, the factors that should be at your fingertips include manufacturing material, brim width, type of straps, breathability, and the inner lining of the Sun hat.


  1. When Should Kids Start Wearing Sun Hats?

Whenever you are out on a sunny day carrying your little one(s) with you, it is a must that you cover his/her head.
As far as age is concerned, there is no minimum limit.


  1. Will sun hats change the shape of my baby’s head?

No, not.
There are specially designed helmets for this.
Sun hats are not tight enough, or put another way, are not worn so often to alter the shape of the baby’s head.


  1. Do baby sun hats pose a choking hazard?

Though the chances are minimal, yet the possibility is always there especially with the hats having chin drawstrings.
Therefore, always choose a hat with an emergency breakaway chip.


  1. Is breathability really necessary in a Sunhat?

A sunhat without proper breathability will put your child in a lot of discomforts, and he/she will end up hating it.
Breathability is important.


Best 6 Baby Sunhat in 2020—Reviews and Buying Guide


Best 6 Baby Sunhat in 2020–Reviews and Buying Guide
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