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Best Baby Swim Float – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Baby Swim Float – Reviews and Buying Guide




When you think of letting your baby swim,
the most serious concern for you is the safety of the child.
This concern circulates in your mind in the form of questions;
how can a baby manage himself in the water?
How can a baby enjoy the water experience?
What is the best way a baby can learn to swim?


As the summer season is here you would like to let your baby enjoy this hot weather and have relief.

How can a baby miss such a fun activity?
Well, there is no need to be worried because every problem has a solution.
This is the point where you should be introduced with a baby swim float.


This article will make you familiar with the detailed buying guide for baby swim floats and valuable insight to select the best swim float for your baby.
Following the guide,
I will review seven best baby swim floats along with their merits and demerits.
Lastly, in the final verdict I will announce the best of the best product in the list.


Buying guide:

While buying the best baby swim float,
you should look for a suitable design which ensures the safety,
and comfort of the baby and also provides protection from the sun.



The design of the float must serve its main purpose and no compromise should be made the functionality of the float.



There are different sizes of the baby swim float available in the market.
Look for the size which is the best fit for your baby.
You can have such floats which grow along with your baby and you will save some extra bucks.



It is an important feature which you should consider before buying a baby swim float.
The preferable choice should be the material which is leak-proof,
easy to clean and won’t be torn after a few uses. The desirable ones are PVC or vinyl.



There are floats which have other accessories for adventurous babies like bath toys.
They come in a variety of styles.
Taking into consideration the interest of the baby would help you to make the best choice.


Safety and Comfort:

When it comes to buying a baby swim float,
parents are most worried about the security of their baby.
There must be safety valves and seat straps in the float which should be made of durable material.
All these safety items must ensure that the baby is upright and be comfortable.
There are floats which provide two swim ways for better swimming experience of the baby.


Sun Protection:

Babies must be protected from excessive sunlight exposure.
Therefore, baby swim floats must have canopy or sunshade to protect them from the sun.
Sunshades can be adjusted, removed or attached depending on the design.



1. Tropicool Baby Shark Swim Float with Removable Canopy



It is made up of non-toxic, high-quality material.

It has attractive water-proof and airtight design.

It has safety valves and thick edges.

It has a detachable sunshade canopy.



Suitable ages and dimensions

Detachable Canopy

Provision of safety valves and thick edges

Handles for a grip of the baby

It can support up to 75 lbs.



The pump is required to inflate the float

Adult supervision is required

Baby Shark Swim Float with detachable canopy is the most attractive,
colourful and adventurous item for babies.
It is available for various ages from 6 months old to 3-year-old babies in different dimensions.

It is designed from a material which is harm-free for babies and the environment.
Also, the premium quality ensures protection against water leakage and provides airtight protection.
Surprisingly enough, it can support the weight of up to 75 lbs.

This swim float design comes with the safety valves to give air leakage protection.
Its thick edges are preferable to have a comfortable backrest for babies.
It has handles which a baby can hold while enjoying his wavy swim in the water.

It has a canopy which is perfect to ensure shade for your baby and can be removed when it’s not needed.
Fins and tail of shark float ensure stability.


2. Swimways Baby Spring Float



It has a high-quality design.

It comes with an adjustable canopy.

It is suitable for babies from 9-24 months.

It has dual air chambers, safety valves and spring for stability.



Portable float design with nice zipper bag

Perfect travelling buddy

Canopy with UV and Sun Protection

Extra toys

Supports up to 30lbs



Canopy is not fully adjustable


Swimways baby spring float is one of the best baby floats to introduce your little one(s) first time to water.
This spring float design of high quality which is suitable for babies of 9 to 24 months.

It comes with an accessory with which the baby can play.
It has a plastic-made octopus which can rotate 360 degrees to face the baby.
Baby can touch and play with its arms.

It has safety valves,
air chambers and a spring to keep it stable in the water.
The removable canopy protects the babies from the sun and has a sun protection factor of 50+.
It is not fully adjustable but it can be leaned forward and backwards.

Swimways baby spring float is the portable design which can be easily folded and stored in a zipper bag which comes with it.


3. Mambo Baby Float


It is made up of cloth and pearl foam.

It comes with detachable tail and sun canopy.

It has two swim ways.

It is suitable for babies from 3 months 24 months.



Canopy with SPF 50+

Three-piece of water spray toys

One waterproof bag

Non-inflatable float



Adult supervision is required as it flips sometimes.


Mambo Baby float is made up of water-proof cloth and pearl foam approved by US quality standards.
It provides a comfortable position to enjoy water experience.
It is suitable for babies of 3 to 24 months.

It has an ideal swimming posture for babies and it comes with two swim ways.
On one side, the baby can freely swim in the water while on the other side the baby can doze off as well.

Mambo baby float is the safest float which has a crotch strap to avoid slipping and tail to avoid flipping.
Its sunshade detachable canopy has mesh sides which have see-through visibility.
One-lock buckle operation is another feature for convenience and protection.

It has extra accessories including three-piece water spray toys and one waterproof bag.
There is no need to inflate the float so there’s no requirement of the pump as well.

4. Viyor’s Shop’s Baby Flamingo Float with Canopy



It is made up of non-toxic durable PVC.

It has a restful sitting position.

It is a stable safety float

It is suitable for babies from 1-4 years old



Adjustable and removable canopy

Air leakage protection

Portable and easily inflatable

It can bear weight up to 50lbs



Over-inflating can damage the float

The pump is required to inflate


Baby Flamingo Swim float with canopy is the preferable choice for a flamingo themed party.
Its durable non-toxic material makes it a safe choice for the parents who want their children to learn swimming and enjoy splashing.

It has dual ring chambers which can be inflated and each of the air chambers has its safety valves.
It has baby rest which is the best thing to ensure comfortable float time.

It comes with a detachable and adjustable canopy which provides sunshade and is easy to carry.
The canopy can be attached or removed depending on the time of day.

It is a great float but it lags the handles necessary for the baby to hold.
But the inflated inner ring and long neck of the flamingo can be used to place hands and have a firm grip.


5. Punada Baby Float with Canopy


It is designed with eco-friendly PVC.

It has no water leakage problem.

It has a steering wheel and handles for grip.

It is suitable for older babies.



Detachable canopy

Handles to grip

Easy use construction

It can bear weight up to 44lbs



Canopy does not stay where it is adjusted

The pump is required to inflate.


The bright coloured Punada Baby Swim Float with Canopy is appropriate for older babies who would love to swim in the water.
This baby swim float has no water leakage problem.

This swim float has two handles to have a firm grip.
It has a steering wheel with an adorable horn in the centre to let kids enjoy their swim experience under the impression of driving a boat.

It has a large size canopy to ensure sun protection which attaches and detaches easily.
It can save your baby from sunburn.
The canopy can be removed in case of usage at night time or in cloudy weather.
However, it does not stay where it is adjusted. Use a hat along with the canopy.

The presence of handles,
steering and horn has made this baby swim float suitable for those babies who love to play and drive.


6. Flyboo Baby Swim Float Unicorn



It is designed with thick PVC material.

It has no side and water leakage problem.

It is a roll-over protection design.

It is suitable for 12 months and above.



No roll-over issue

Handles to grip

Separate valve to each bag

Thick and Soft touch seat cushions



No Canopy


The Unicorn shaped baby swim float is made of durable,
heavy-duty and thick PVC material.
It has multiple air chambers with separate valves to provide leakage protection.

This design provides roll-over prevention through two airbags on both the sides of the unicorn which improves the balance and stability.
It comes with a safety string and two handles.

The unicorn float seat is comfortable and has thick,
inflatable and soft-touch cushions to support the back of the baby.
So that the child feels no tight and skin is protected effectively.
This swim float provides a safe way to enjoy water time with parents on hot days.

Handles and safety string on this unicorn swim float makes it easier for parents to move the float by using either the handles or string


7. Froggy Friend Shaded Baby Swim Float



It is designed with PVC material.

It comes with canopy for sun protection.

It has three air chambers.

It is suitable for 12-24 months



Stable in water

Separate valves for protection

Supports weight up to 33lbs



Fixed Canopy

Rollover issue


The froggy friend shaded baby swim float is made up of waterproof PVC material.
It can be used again and again due to its durability.

It comes with three air chambers for stable and steady float in water.
Each chamber has a safety valve to prevent air leakage.
It has suitable leg holes for a comfortable feel.

This baby float has a fixed leaf-shaped canopy which can’t be detached or adjusted.
This may cause some hurdle while putting the baby in it or it keeps bouncing when a baby starts kicking and splashing in the water.

It is surely the best choice for babies who love froggy friend characters and it is easy to pump it with a mouth.
It must be used in adult supervision due to reported rollover issues.

Final Verdict:

Swimways Baby Spring Float
is the best baby swim float according to the buying guide.
It has a durable and portable design which is comfortable for babies to start their water experience.

The availability of adjustable canopy which can be leaned forward and backwards is a plus point to have protection from direct sunlight.
However, babies can look outside through mesh sides due to see-through visibility.

This baby spring float is the safest of all designs due to child safety valves,
dual air chambers and spring to provide stability and balance.
A baby can enjoy kicking in the water.
It is a perfect travelling buddy.

Finally, its portable design, easy handling, sunshade canopy, see-through mesh sides, inner-spring,
and availability of toys make it the best baby swim float.



When can babies use arm floats?

The recommended age is around 2-3 years old,
but it varies with the growth of the baby.
Not all babies are born under the same circumstances and some may suffer from low growth rate.
Also, arm floats are for those kids who already have a little experience of swimming before,
and want to take it to the next level.
Armbands provide them a little assist, while kids do the most of the job.


What is a baby spring float?

As the name suggests,
the spring float has an inner ring circling the outer edge of the float for added stability and comfort in the water.
These floats are deemed as one of the most comfortable and secure floats in the market.


How Long shall I wait to take my new baby swimming?

Surprisingly enough,
baby swimming classes can start as early as 6 weeks after birth.
However,  you should have to wait for immunisation of the baby and keep the health of the baby in mind before taking a decision.
It is highly advised to wait at least six months before introducing your baby to swimming.


Best Baby Swim Float – Reviews and Buying Guide
Written by :

Shahyar_amin , blogger for babyfloaties.com


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