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Canopy Floats – The Cutest New Pool Trend

Canopy Floats – The Cutest New Pool Trend

Are you looking for the cutest, comfiest, and most stylish way for your baby or toddler to enjoy the pool this summer?
Canopy floats cover all those bases and more!
Here’s everything you need to know about your baby’s new favorite way to enjoy pool time.

An important safety note:
Canopy floats are not designed to be life-saving devices.
No matter how secure and stable any pool float is, and how calm your baby or toddler is while sitting in it,
always stay within an arm’s reach of the float and never leave your child unattended in the water, even just for a minute.

Made in the shade

The thing that makes a canopy float unique is the sunshade that hangs over your baby as they float around and play.
The canopy shade keeps the bright sun out of your baby’s eyes,
and it also helps to keep their head from getting too sweaty, uncomfortable, or overheated under direct sunlight.
Some float canopies are designed with an extra layer of protection against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
Check the product label to see if your child’s canopy float is designed to provide extra SPF (sun protection factor) or UPF (ultraviolet protection factor).

Building comfort in the water

For little ones who are new to swimming,
a canopy float is a great way to ease babies and young children into the feeling of being in the water – without having to carry them the entire time!
Babies can experiment with kicking their feet and splashing around while sitting in a comfy, secure floating base – and parents’ arms get a little break!
Another fun option are “Mommy and me” canopy floats, specially designed for a parent to float right along with their baby.

Inspiring the imagination

Canopy floats come in so many fun and creative designs, sure to inspire your toddler’s budding imagination.
Popular canopy float styles include adorable animals that toddlers can pretend to ride – or become!- like turtles, whales, or sharks.
Vehicles that your child can “drive” around the pool are also lots of fun, such as this car canopy float, complete with a pretend steering wheel.

Extra fun for babies

Some canopy floats do more than just float.
Many of them are designed to give babies something extra to keep their brains and hands busy if they get restless simply floating around.
A canopy float with a built-in activity center will keep your baby happy and entertained for a nice long time in the pool.

Adding charm to any pool

Canopy floats come in so many delightful and charming styles that are sure to brighten up your pool.
Who can resist smiling at the sight of an adorable baby sailing by, relaxed and happy as can be in a pink flamingo or unicorn canopy float!

Always be sure to check the size and weight rating before letting your child set sail in a canopy float.
Some floats are appropriate only for very young babies (or older kids) while others can safely accommodate kids from late infancy through preschool age.

written by :
Dani Merriot , blogger for babyfloaties.com

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