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Find baby swimsuit floaties for hydrophilic babies

The first time you take your baby swimming is definitely one of those landmark moments that shows your baby is ready for the real world. Likewise, there is nothing more beautiful than watching a baby enjoy the water while he/she makes the splashes, wearing the colorful baby floaties swimsuit. Water scenery is just the most exciting place for most babies to witness true happiness in my opinion. You can be a witness to that with the way babies laugh wholeheartedly when under the shower. Why? water to babies is warm and womb-like, and taking them to the pool or the beach is such a great idea.

However, you have more to remember than just the fun you get at the beach or at the pool, especially if your baby is still a toddler. You need to know the right baby floaties swimsuit your little prince or princess needs to wear. This is important for safety and comfortability.

Are you going with your baby to the pool for the first time?

If this is your first time taking a baby swimming, then the swimwear choice for babies to float may seem a little daunting and challenging to choose from because there are overwhelming baby floaties swimsuit out there at many online stores. But which is the best, and how do you choose the swimwear? This review will give you an insight into some of the best features of baby swimwear and life jackets. You'll understand what you need for your baby to start the swimming lesson, or enjoy the poolside from this post.

Choose the Best baby floaties swimsuit for babies aged 24 months and above today!

Until you're going out to purchase some baby floaties swimsuit before you realize how difficult it is to choose the best swimwear for your baby. Well, before setting off to get your desired baby floaties swimsuit, it is important to remember that due to their inability to control their body temperatures, young toddlers would not be able to happily enjoy the pool for a long time. They are also unable to keep themselves warm with the various activities adults engage with, so younger babies find the water colder much sooner in the pool. Let's learn to unlearn now!

Here are the most important factors to consider before you finally pick your swimwear.

Important factors to consider before taking babies aged 24 months and above for swimming

  • Warmth— as said earlier, babies can quickly feel the cold, so you'll want to prioritize the baby floaties swimsuit that helps keep them warm and dry. It is advisable to check your local pool's temperature before you go in with your baby. For a baby aged 24 months and above, the pool should be heated to above 20°C.
  • Skin sensitivity— babies within the 0 - 24 months often have sensitive skins that are easily prone to an awful skin condition. With skin conditions such as eczema on them, you're sure to see chlorine usually present at the pool aggravate such conditions. In this case, choose baby floaties swimsuit that can help protect whatever ointment used on your baby.
Also, Babies aged 1-24 months get tired easily, so you're unlikely to spend far more than an hour at the pool with them. While they're not going to be in the pool for long, it's important that you get the appropriate baby floaties swimsuit so that they can be as relaxed as possible, enjoying the ritual of the water. Finding the right baby floaties swimsuit is just a critical rationale.

Here are a few of the best baby floaties swimsuits you can get for your baby aged 24 months and above. They are all readily available at babyfloaties.com.

# Wowelife baby floaties swimsuit

# Cuddle club baby and toddler one-piece swimsuit

# O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG Vest

# Gogokids Kids Swim Vest Life Jacket – Boys Girls Floatation Swimsuit Buoyancy Swimwear

You will find a whole lot in our store at Babyfloaties.com. Use the search box at will.

What baby floaties swimsuit do you need for a baby aged 24 months and above?

Wowelife Baby Float Suit with Arm Bands Toddler Floating Swimsuit with 8 Removable Buoyancy Sticks for Boys and Girls, 1-4 Years

The wowelife baby floaties swimsuit with armbands is a perfect swimwear for your toddler. It provides the needed balance for kids in the pool, and it's a perfect swimsuit for building confidence in the pool. They are suited for toddlers and older babies within the age of one to four. You can always check the chest length and height description on the swimsuit to choose the perfect size for your baby.

There are a lot of features that made this swimwear unique. Notably is the texture of the material used in its production. It is made of 82% polyester and 18% elastic fiber for better elastic that make wearing more convenient. It is also worth noting that this swimwear is used during swimming lessons because it aids kids with learning fast. I practically haven’t figured out any disadvantages with this particular swimwear except it is not made for babies within the age range of one to three months.

Also, the baby floaties swimsuit is not a life-saving device, so your baby needs to be under your supervision.

Wash tips:
  • Soak in clean water at a temperature below 10oC
  • Do not wash using a washing machine.
  • Spread and dry in a cool place


  • Material is guaranteed for quality and safety.
  • The baby floaties swimsuit is suited for kids of one to four years of age.
  • Non-toxic material and is highly resilient to cold.


  • Not suited for babies below the age of one
  • It is not a life-saving device.

Cuddle Club Baby and Toddler One-piece swimsuit

Cuddle Club swimwear is an adorable and a sustainable one-piece swimsuit that will make your little prince or princess the cutest one at the pool or beach! What makes it sustainable, you may ask? Well, it the quick-dry fabric that offers excellent UPF 50+ sun protection, the highest rating in the classification of UPF. With this irresistibly cute novel design,  your baby’s temperature right inside the vest is stable. Simply slip your infant into this exquisite baby floaties swimsuit and pop them into the excitement that swimming in the pool offers for babies.

Furthermore, the materials have a fade-resistant that are available in a variety of coordinating solid colors and prints for maximum sun protection and cuteness. Cuddle baby swimsuit has been around for some time now. You can have the utmost confidence in this baby floaties swimsuit because it gives protection against the sun and makes babies feel comfortable swimming or learning how to swim. The brands are long time pioneers of baby floaties swimsuit and UV protective wears. They have never compromised their commitment to producing the best baby floaties swimsuit. I would highly recommend this baby floaties swimsuit for just any baby who enjoys swimming. Those who don’t care about fancy material and features will find this product quite a fit. You should agree that we need such simple products. I mean, we have so many complicated baby floaties swimsuit today that sometimes it is just confusing.

Besides, not every parent likes to spend a fortune on what babies don't get to wear forever.


  • Easy to wash
  • Made from quick-dry material
  • Zipper chin guard protects your child's neck.


  • Not built with a swim diaper

O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG Vest

The best choice of baby floaties swimsuit for another set of people is the O’Neill brand. It is a famous name in the product line of baby floaties swimsuit. There are so many alternative swimsuits that protect and offer sensation swimming experience but the O’Neill wake waterski USCG Vest just gives your baby the swim support that exactly matters to you in terms of sun protection, balance in the pool. However, you might criticize the baby floaties swimsuit design for being over-sized and also used for infants weighing above 30lb, but I feel that shouldn’t be a disadvantage since it offers the needed safety right in the pool.

O'Neil is definitely not the best over other baby swimsuits because the waist section is high, leaving less room for the baby’s comfort although fitting is better. The front float sections are chunky and firm, as are the sections of the flotation collar. Also, the model is tight at the neck, and can certainly provide a level of discomfort.

Regardless of these, O’Neill Wake Waterski Infant USCG Vest is affordable, comfortable for infants, and generally protects life.

  • It flips babies over onto their backs if they fall face down into the water.
  • Comes with a flotation collar that supports baby's head and keeps it above the water.
  • A grab loop for safety is available


  • It has a weight limit of 30lb.
  • The model is tight at the neck.

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