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Keep Your Little Ones Safe and Stylish in Sun hats

Keep Your Little Ones Safe and Stylish in Sun hats

Before you head out for some fun in the sun with your baby or toddler,
don’t forget to toss a sunhat into your beach bag!
Not only do they look adorable, but sunhats are absolutely fantastic for keeping little heads safe from the sun.

While they certainly qualify as a beach day necessity, baby sunhats aren’t only for wearing at the beach or poolside.
Baby sunhats are perfect for playground playdates, backyard parties, even just taking a walk around the block.

Shopping for baby sunhats – what to look for

Nearly any sunhat is a better option than no hat at all, but these features can make all the difference in comfort and maximizing sun safety.

Specially designed to block harmful sun rays

Many baby and toddler sunhats are specially designed to create an extra layer of protection between your baby’s sensitive skin and the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.
Exposure to UVA and UVB rays can cause painful sunburns and even lead to skin cancer,
so use every opportunity you can to protect their delicate skin.

Look for the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) or SPF (sun protection factor)
designation on the label to get an idea of how much extra protection your child’s sunhat will add.
Of course, a sunhat cannot do the entire job alone – so be sure to always use appropriate sunscreen and be mindful of how much time your baby spends in direct sunlight.

Made of breathable, lightweight material

To keep your baby’s head from overheating or getting uncomfortably sweaty, look for sunhats made of breathable, lightweight material.
Most baby sunhats are made of cotton or polyester, and many even include a lining inside that wicks moisture (from sweat) away from your little one’s head.
Some sunhats also have built-in air vents or mesh fabric to help your baby’s head stay cool.

The right size matters

It’s important to get your baby a sunhat that fits correctly.
If the hat is too tight, your child obviously won’t want to wear it,
and a hat that’s too big will either keep falling down over their eyes – or falling off completely.

The good news is, many baby and toddler sunhats now come with an adjustable chin strap.
This helps the sunhat stay comfortably in place.
Without the hat slipping and sliding off their head, your baby won’t even notice it’s there as they play,
and you won’t have to worry about a sudden sea breeze blowing the sunhat away down the beach.

Super portable

A baby’s sunhat doesn’t take up much space, to begin with,
but did you know that many sunhat styles are designed to fold or roll up small enough to quickly stuff in a pocket?
This makes packing a sunhat (or two, or three!)
in your vacation suitcase or beach bag even easier and comes in handy when it’s time to pack up at the end of the day.

The fun part – reflect your personal style!

Baby and toddler sunhats are available in so many different styles, colors, and patterns,
from adorably whimsical to fashionable enough that you’ll wish it came in your size!
What could be cuter than a toddler bucket hat with a shark fin on top?
Or more sweetly elegant than a cheerful vintage-look sunhat in a cherry print with a little pink bow?

When you’re shopping for a baby sunhat, keep in mind what colors and patterns your child wears the most,
so you can find the perfect sunhat to complement their style all summer long!

written by :
Dani Merriot , blogger for babyfloaties.com

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